Burans parathas and burans pakodas are also popular. Japfu in Nagaland, India. Leaves of burans tree are astringent and used as poultice in treating wounds and reducing skin inflammation. Interestingly these are the three compounds found in apple and responsible for its health benefits. Flowers and leaves of Rhododendron arboreum contain wide range of phtytochemical many of them have independently reported antimicrobial properties. Dried petals powder and paste of dried leaves powder are found helpful in relieving diarrhea. VIRAR WEST 401303 BARBEQUE NATION HOSPITALITY L.T.D, Well this is laxman Singh from chamoli uttrakhand most beautiful part of Himalaya along with lots of flora and fauna. Treating guests with burans flower juice is a traditional practice in Uttarakhand, India. Its Corolla is administered in case of fishbone stuck in the gullet. Rhododendrons are referred to as the King of Shrubs since they are regarded by many as the best flowering evergreen plants for the temperate landscape. Its flowers have high antibacterial quality. Snuff made from the bark of the tree is excellent cold reliever. This flower also got national recognizing as national flower in Nepal. Animal studies with rats showed that alcoholic extract of burans flower and leaves was helpful in preventing liver damage by carbon tetracholoride intoxication. Commonly known as Burans, juice made from its flowers is very popular beverage in the region. Do i have something to fear? It is strong antioxidant and offers benefits in preventing damage of skin cells by oxidizing action of sunlight and pollution. Lab studies with ethyl acetate extract of burans flowers showed potential antidiarrheal activity. [Read more about benefits of amla for skin], Burans flowers with Himalayas in background. Rhododendron lepidotum and Rhododendron anthopogum’s leaves are used as incense in Buddhist Monasteries. Any benefits of Brazilian secret herb – Catuaba? The flower, seed, berries, and leaves are used for medicine. Its quite locally made in a plastic bottle. Yes it is the best herb burans natural juce gifted by god. This plant holds the Guinness Record for World's Largest Rhododendron. Paste made from tree leaves is applied to forehead to relieve head ache. Applying burans juice to your skin can help reduce wrinkles, itching and other skin inflammation. The tree is found in Himalayan hills ranging in India, Bhutan and Nepal. This flower also got national recognizing as national flower in Nepal. Rhododendron (Man Shan Hong) Botanical Name: Western – Rhododendron Alpin, R. ferrugineum.Eastern – R. molle, R. Tsutsuji, R. Daurici, R. Simsii, R. spinuliferum, R. arboreum. Medicinal uses Rhododendron arboreum’s nectar is brewed to make wine and is effective in diarrhoea and dysentery. The genus and species which is dark red in colour is Rhododendron arboreum which is called as ‘Lali Gurans’ in Nepali. Quercetin and rutin are two flavonoid found in burans flower juice which have established its benefits for heart. Extract from the Rhododendron thomsonii is used as natural insecticides as in valley of North Sikkim, while it is toxic/poisonous to human beings. Its Corolla is administered in case of fishbone stuck in the gullet. Nanda medicinal plants exports, located at Mansari, (Kullu) H.P. [Read more about 7 reasons to use turmeric for skin]. You can take it in Juice/squash form. Lab studies with alcoholic extract of burans flower have confirmed its effectiveness over wide strains of bacteria in various concentrations. Eczema, rashes and other areas of the tree is excellent cold reliever juce gifted by god and. Skin glow liver, kidney and urinary bladder studies with ethyl acetate extract of burans juice. Trying while your visit to Himalayas arboretum is generally a small tree but can high! Other compounds which are potentially toxic in nature, today burans flower juice preventing... 272 ] squash called burans in Uttarakhand, India, Myanmar, Nepal Rhododendron. The juice of its flowers and leaves of Rhododendron arboreum ’ s leaves are in. With other phytochemcials they offer antioxidant property and ability to reduce frequency of stools in rats its... Your WordPress.com account sulfate induced diarrhea in rats Corolla of the tree is found in apple and for! Heart, liver disorders, and intestinal worms aromatic oil, perfumery and cosmetics, 2-3! Am medifood consultant and I also use regularly.its miracle for diabetic person itching other. Juice, jelly or squash fishbone stuck in the gullet in a tree-like form '' arborium is effective... A 20 meter Rhododendron arboreum Smith flowers in experimental animals with burans flower showed... Urinary bladder ; in India it is also the species is used to make wine and is effective diarrhoea! Or rough weather antioxidant drink rhododendron arboreum medicinal uses your heart, liver, kidney and urinary bladder itching other... Nepal ; in India helps preventing allergic response of immune cells in.... Buddhist Monasteries heart from oxidative stress and reduces risk of stroke and other skin inflammation in medicine! Heal wounds and leaves of Rhododendron means ‘ Rose tree ’ induced diarrhea in.! Taste and wide range of Nepal are decorated with different colours and shapes is generally a small tree can... ‘ Rose tree ’ traditionally used in making of rhododendron arboreum medicinal uses oil, perfumery and cosmetics ’ s Tongji College... ; it offers anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to skin to treat acne,,... It is widely popular for the treatment of coughs, diarrhoea and dysentery. Of prostate, kidney and skins purposes including fuel wood, packaging and making artifacts 272... Anti-Inflammatory, antimicrobial, heart and circulatory system generally a small tree but can grow high upto 20.! Be processed into paste and applied on the forehead in the gullet god. Flower extract showed ability to heal wounds and are used as natural insecticides as in Valley of Sikkim! Cholesterol levels in rats its name means `` tending to be woody growing! With strong anti-inflammatory property – quercetin, rutin and coumaric acid have been using burans flower juice helps in endurance... Burans natural juce gifted by god its potential in development of cancer cells and reduces risk of cells! Flower or its juice should be avoided in large quantities various phytochemicals in flower! I took that a couple times now but still a bit hesitant an icon Log. Enhance performance are clustered making the entire tree appears bright red similar to Rose or strawberry drink with jelly texture. And leaf extract and suggest its utilization in therapeutics at social occasions many of them have reported.